Attachment Method


We are are the only trained specialists in Guernsey in this popular attachment method. Your lace, monofilament, or skin hair system is bonded to your scalp using a special tape or liquid adhesive. This method requires your head to be shaved so you have an optimal surface to bond to. Move forward with bonding only if you’re sure your hair loss is permanent; hair systems can increase the pace of hair loss for some people.



A bonded system is best if you:

  • Have very thin or no hair

  • Have permanent hair loss

  • Are willing to shave off the hair under the system

  • Are willing to make a long-term commitment to bonding

  • Want the system to be undetectable to touch

  • Want to live in hair 24/7, including sleeping and showering

  • Have an active lifestyle

  • Have time to complete maintenance processes

  • Are financially able to purchase multiple systems per year if required

  • Don’t have significant scalp issues like psoriasis or eczema



Bonded hair replacement is a long-term commitment, because shaving your head cannot be easily reversed. Shaving provides a smooth bonding surface for an optimal bond. Unfortunately, without shaving, your growing hair will likely push the system up, causing discomfort, a poor fit, and an unnatural appearance. It will make the experience frustrating for you. Your system will also require weekly or biweekly maintenance, as well as a budget that can handle the cost, although in hair systems can last up to 18months with the proper care, your first one will likely have a shorter life so the cost of several systems per year and the products required to maintain the system will need to be factored in.

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