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Things to Do Before You Say YES to Your Hair System

We want you to have a calm experience in which you feel both supported and in control. After you complete your private consultation with us, your hair replacement consultants, the following tips will help you move forward with the least stress and set you up for even greater success.

Take plenty of “before” pictures of yourself



This is really important: don’t be so ready to get rid of your old look that you don’t document it.

There are several reasons why it’s critical to have lots of photos of all angles of yourself before you start wearing a hair system. First, if you’re trying to match your current look, style, or color, it’s important to have decent photos of yourself; We will help with this during your consultation by taking angel pictures. 

Later on, it’s really helpful to have “before and after” pictures of yourself, so you can see how far you’ve come. 


When you see your hair start to grow back after we have shaved it, it tends to look thicker than it really is. For some beginners, who see what looks like thick hair stubble growing back, it’s common to question why you started wearing hair in the first place. Your “before” pictures remind you of what your hair loss really looked like, and can be helpful in confirming you made the right choice.


Be thoughtful about your choices



Before jumping in, carefully consider how you want to wear your hair, how much of your growing hair is worth preserving, and what the most strategic style for your face shape is that will get you the look you desire. With you help we will make the best recommendation. 

Communicate with us



We are here to recommend and give advice, but we need you to share your thoughts, concerns, and desires so we’re all on the same page. If you’re confused, nervous, unsure, or just want to know more, let us know! We’re partners in this process, and your opinions and feedback are crucial to our success as a team. Keep the lines of communication open. We intend to have a long-term relationship with you.


Be prepared to modify



We try our very best to get your first hair system order perfect. However, it being our first time working together and designing a tailor-made handmade product, your order specifications may need a little tweaking after the first one to get it just right. Be open-minded, and know that if your first order isn’t quite what you expected, you can either send it back to be modified or get a complete remake. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure you’re satisfied with the outcome.

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