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Blow Drying Your Short Hair System

Because of how drying and damaging it can be, you should only blow dry your hair system when it is absolutely necessary. Before you begin, towel dry your hair and allow it to air dry a bit to minimize your blow dry time. Our recommendation is to use your fingers or a poly tip blow dry brush or another type of safe brush, which we can provide further guidance on.

When you do begin to blow dry, do so minimally, and always use the coolest setting. If you use a hot setting, your hair will dry out quickly and become stiff and unmanageable. You will also experience more shedding. If you require frequent blow drying we recommend you budget for additional hair systems as this will shorten the life of the systems.



  • Hair system

  • A Tangle teaser brush

  • A poly tip blow dry brush

  • Hair dryer with cool setting

  • Diffuser (foam “sock” style)

  • Thermal protection product

Step 1: Prepare your hair system

After you have fully towel dried your hair system to remove as much moisture as possible, apply a thermal protection product to protect the hair from the heat.



Then, gently brush through the hair with your tangel teaser. 


Attach the diffuser to your hair dryer.


Step 2: Blow dry the hair

With a poly tip blow dry brush, use your hair dryer on the coolest setting to blow dry your hair as you style it to your liking.

When using a dryer, avoid blowing your hair in different directions. Doing so will cause the hair cuticles to grab onto each other, resulting in matting and tangling.

Step 3: Products to hold 

Apply a Barber Jay branded product to keep the style you desire all day long. 

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