Common Causes of Itching

When you experience itching under your hair system, there are several things to consider that can help you determine the cause. Like all things related to hair replacement, the reason for itching varies from person to person, but most people are able to easily resolve it. Following are the most common causes of itching and what you can do to remedy the problem.


 Liquid adhesive or tape sticks to your scalp and not your hair so after a few weeks you may find a little movement in the hair system as it comes away from your scalp. At this stage, it may be time for a regroom. 


Base type

The type of base material you are wearing can cause minor to significant itching. If you are wearing a lace base, your growing hair can usually grow through it, and if it’s a soft lace you probably won't even feel the base against your skin. Minor movements like raising your eyebrows and other facial expressions can cause enough movement to result in itching for some.

With a skin or monofilament base, your hair grows under the base and isn’t able to pass through it. Because your growing hair essentially is crushed under the base, the shifting of that hair as you make facial movements, or just from oil accumulating under the base, can cause itching.




Switch to a softer lace material or we will remove your hair system more often to shave down the hair underneath it.



Because skin and monofilament bases do not allow air to pass through them as freely as lace does, they are more likely to cause your scalp to sweat. In addition, because moisture doesn’t readily pass through those base materials, the sweat gets trapped underneath and takes longer to evaporate. The trapped moisture can cause itching.




If you're wearing a full skin or monofilament base and are prone to heavy perspiration, you may want to change your base material. Try a full lace base so you can perspire through the base material as well as rinse your scalp in the shower while still wearing the system.

Not rinsing product from hair well enough

When you first start wearing hair and are not used to washing it, you may not rinse the hair for a long enough period of time. If you are wearing a lace base, the product could actually build up on your scalp, just like it can on your growing hair. Product build up can cause itching.




Try combing through your hair system with a wide tooth comb while rinsing in the shower, to help move the product through the hair system and away from your scalp. Rinse well.


Length of time bonding

Every person's body reacts differently to adhesives. Regardless of whether you are using tape or liquid adhesive, the rate at which the adhesive breaks down will vary from person to person and from adhesive to adhesive. As the adhesive breaks down and loosens, and as water, sweat and oil start to penetrate the bond, it's possible to start experiencing itching. In this case the itching would be confined mostly to the adhesive areas.




Shorten your bonding time by two days until the itching subsides.


Allergic reaction to adhesives or hair products

If you are having an allergic reaction to adhesives or hair products, you'll likely have excessive itching and redness, perhaps raised bumps or even blood if you can't keep from scratching the itch. If this is the case, consult a doctor and discontinue wearing your hair system until the prescribed healing regime is complete. If or when the doctor approves you to begin wearing your hair system again, you'll need to experiment with adhesives, cleaning products and hair products. The allergic reaction is not always coming from where you assume it's coming from, so be prepared to go through a trial and error process.


Healing from a previous reaction or wound

If your scalp is healing from a previous skin reaction or wound, the skin healing process itself can cause itching. 




Refrain from wearing your hair system during the healing process and follow your doctor’s protocol. If the problem is a small cut or wound, you likely can continue to wear your hair system, just don’t apply adhesive to that area and during theregroom we will seal the wound Liquid Bandage Spray to help protect it from the base.


Dry skin

If your skin is either naturally dry or becomes dry from alcohol- or citrus-based cleaning products, you could experience itching.




Let us know during the regroom and we will consider trying cleaning products that don't contain alcohol or citrus or products that are formulated for sensitive skin. 



When you first start wearing hair you simply are not used to having something attached so closely to your scalp day in and day out. You are very conscious of the hair system on your head. That awareness alone could cause minor itching.




Itching caused by the newness of wearing a hair system will subside over time as you acclimate to wearing it. If it persists for more than a few weeks and is more than a minor itch, consult the list above.


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