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Common Fears and How to Move Past Them

Making the commitment have a hair replacement can be scary. Many people share the same fears, such as concerns about acclimating to the logistics and feeling comfortable in social environments. Having concerns such as these is perfectly normal. Below, we show you how to move past them.

What’s holding you back?



People considering hair replacement wrestle with questions like:




  • Will others find out?

  • Will I be able to do it?

  • What if it falls off?

  • What if they run out of hair?

  • What about airport security?

  • What about surgery?

  • What about my spouse/partner?


FEAR = False Expectations Appearing Real




  • What if it takes a long time to do an attachment?

  • What if I miss a Regroom appointment?




  • How can I afford this in the long term?

  • Is this too much to spend on hair replacement?

  • Will I have wasted money if I change my mind?



Food for thought

Consider for a moment that the opposite of all your fears and issues was true. What if you wouldn’t be “exposed”? What if you can do it? What if it bonds well and stays on? What if your hair is so flawless that your partner doesn’t care that you wear hair? What if you do have the time to do it, and it is affordable? What if it’s easy and you look wonderful? What then?

Then, the decision is easy!



The truth is, when you look and feel great, you’ll make the time and find the money for your hair replacement. Your hair will look great, because we’ll provide you all the resources you need to be successful. The longer you wear it, the better you’ll feel.

Giving up something to gain something



For bonded hair replacement, a large part of the challenge is seeing your head shaved, and the feeling that you’re losing something or giving something up – which is true, and perfectly natural. But you’ve made a commitment to yourself to focus on the solution instead of the problem. Firmly stand by your

decision and all the positive aspects of that decision. Honor your commitment and stop dwelling on what you’ll lose. Instead, focus on what you’ll gain.

The anticipation

The great thing is that the transition happens in an instant. No recovery time from surgery to get the results you want. Instead of looking at it in fear, sense the freedom in it! You’re taking a deliberate action to create change. Once this hurdle is overcome, your focus moves from worrying about your hair loss to living a confident life. It sounds unbelievable, but that is the experience most people have.