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Hair System Limitations: Detectability vs. Durability

Most new hair wearers want a hair system that is both durable and undetectable. However, hair systems have certain limitations; you’ll become more familiar with them as your experience grows.

Ultimately, you need to decide what’s most important to you: durability or appearance. The information in this guide will help you decide, and here at Barber Jay, we are available to assist you as well.

Undetectability requires delicate materials



Naturally, clients who have their own hair replacement want a hair system that is totally undetectable to touch, is very durable, and will last a long time.

For a system to be undetectable, especially to touch, the base material needs to be very thin and delicate. The more delicate the base material is, the less durable it is. Our most delicate base materials are disposable lace and polyurethane skin.

The more durable a base material is, the heavier and thicker it is. A thicker base (such as any base with a poly perimeter) will last longer than a delicate base, but if you wear a style that’s combed away from your face, the front hairline won’t be undetectable. When you touch the system while it’s attached, the thickness of the base has an edge you can feel.

Determine what’s most important to you



Ask yourself which is more important: durability, or a realistic, undetectable look.

You also have the option to compromise; you can try a system that gives you a little bit of both.

For many people, cost is a deciding factor. If you are able to afford more hair systems per year, you may want to choose a delicate base that’s natural and comfortable, and replace it more often. If this is cost-prohibitive for you, work with us to find a more durable base that will last longer, but be prepared to compromise a bit on detectability to sight and touch (remember, no one is paying as much attention to your hair as you are.) There are plenty of options, simply changing your hairstyle to cover the front hairline is a simple solution that makes the front edge less noticeable.

There are also options that incorporate some durability with a more natural appearance, such as a stronger base that utilizes lace in the front only, to get a natural-looking hairline. After you complete our inquiry form, your hair consultant will help you work out the details for which base suits your needs the best.

Making it look “real”



Hair wearers often make the mistake of putting too much hair in the hair system, which is a telltale sign you’re wearing hair. This is a common problem for those who haven’t been properly advised about designing a natural-looking hair system. The density — the amount of hair in the system, or the “thickness” of the hair — and color need to be age-appropriate. We will help determine what is suitable based on your age and the density of your growing hair, if you have any.

How to get it right



Our free, no obligation, initial consultation is where you should start. You’ll be asked some important information about your type of hair loss, your lifestyle, hair color, desired hairstyle, and other important pieces of information to help us understand what you want and need. We’ll make the important design decisions based on the conversation we have with you. You’ll have ample time to ask questions and provide more detailed information to help us learn what you’re looking for, so you end up with a hair system that works best for your needs.

We want you to look and feel your best, and we’ll do whatever it takes to get you there. 

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