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How Heat, Sweat and Water Affect Your Bond

After you attach a hair system with tape or liquid adhesive, the first 24-48 hours are crucial, because the bond needs to set. Within those first 24 hours, the bond is still soft, and is vulnerable to heat, sweat and water.

Once you’ve passed those 24-48  hours, your hair system can get wet without any problems, although heat, steam, and heavy perspiration can still soften your bond. However, the bond will harden again once your body temperature cools down.

How heat, sweat, and water affect your bond is largely dependent on your lifestyle and body chemistry. Following, we discuss best practices to prevent any mishaps.

Waiting for the bond to cure

During the 24-48 hour waiting period, avoid getting the bond wet by showering, swimming, or perspiring heavily. Steer clear of intense exercise, because it can significantly increase your body temperature and prevent the bond from curing properly.

After 48 hours, the bond should be well cured. If you have any lifting or problems with the bond immediately after the waiting period, there was likely a problem with your initial scalp preparation or your base cleaning process. It’s likely you’ll need to come see us in the barbershop, but this difficulty is easily prevented. 

Getting your hair system wet



Once you’ve confirmed your bond is fully cured with no lifting, you can take a shower and get your hair wet. At this point, water shouldn’t affect the bond, but you do need to be careful with steam. Exposure to the heat from steam will cause the bond to temporarily soften. After your body returns to its normal temperature, the bond will re-cure. We advise taking slightly cooler showers than you normally would, especially when the water is directly hitting the hair system. 

Length between regrooms can be between 1-6 weeks, during that time, the bond will naturally break down. How long it takes for the bond to break down differs for each person, and is determined by your body chemistry and the adhesive you’re using. The best way to determine how an adhesive will work for you is to actually use it two or three times.

The effects of perspiration



Like steam, perspiration temporarily softens the bond, because your body temperature rises when you sweat. Once your body temperature returns to normal, your bond will re-cure. If you work out daily or perspire heavily, your bond will likely break down faster, because the salt and oils released during heavy perspiration shorten the life of the bond. If you work out occasionally or sweat minimally, the difference in the duration of your bond won’t be significant, but could be shortened by a few days.

Your hair system won’t fall off



The biggest concern is whether your hair system will fall off when your bond softens. Don’t worry, it won’t! Yes, you could conceivably pull the system off if you tried while the bond is softened, but it’s unlikely you’re going to do that! Someone else slightly or accidentally tugging on your hair isn’t going to pull it off of your head. You would still need to use some effort and have the intention of pulling it off.

The worst-case scenario



If you sweat heavily or work out in the 24-48 hour period before the bond cures, you could be more susceptible to an accident. In this case, if the bond has not yet cured, and you become very hot, the system could very easily be pulled off. This is why we want you to wait at least 24- 48 hours for the bond to cure before perspiring.

So, always allow the bond to cure after you bond. When you perspire heavily, know that the bond has softened and be patient while your body cools down so it can return to its previous state. That's pretty much it!

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