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Hot Weather Hair Care

A warm climate may affect the hair in your hair system as well as the integrity of your bond. The most important variables to consider when living in or traveling to warm temperatures are exposure to salt and pool water, the sun’s UV rays, possible odor under your hair system, and potentially diminished hold time. Below, we provide preventative measures and solutions for each of these circumstances.

Chlorine or salt water damage

The salt in ocean water and the chlorine in swimming pools can wreak havoc on your hair system if you don’t care for it properly. However, avoiding damage is fairly simple.

Hair can only hold so much moisture, so if you wet the hair with water and apply leave-in conditioner prior to swimming, it won't absorb as much of the salt, chlorine, or chemicals. Once you’re done swimming, rinse your hair as soon as possible, or even better, shampoo and condition it.


Read Swimming in Your Hair System to learn more about protecting your hair from salt and chlorine.




When the sun’s rays are beating down, you may notice that your system lightens or reddens faster. This is a process called oxidation. If you want a little bit of extra protection against the sun, just throw on a hat or light scarf.



In hotter climates, you may experience some odor under your hair system as your bond reacts with the excess sweat and oil your body produces in warmer weather. This is definitely something you should be proactive about, as it is much easier to prevent than fix. Let us know during your regroom if you are planning a trip and we will apply different products to protect your scalp from odor issues. We also recommend a regroom more often if odor is an issue for you.



Short hold time and early lifting

Bonds typically break down faster as the temperature rises.

Unfortunately, some people find that no matter what they do, they have some lifting during their trip. If you have only a little bit of lifting along the hairline, use some liquid adhesive to touch up your bond in that area. Be sure to have the appropriate products on hand in case. 

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