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Towel Drying Your Short Hair System

After you have shampooed and conditioned your hair system, it is important to know the safest way to dry it. Because the human hair in your system is easily prone to drying out if continuously exposed to heat, it is better to towel dry than to blow dry. Our recommendation is to towel dry the hair, and then allow it to air dry. If you do plan to blow dry, towel dry the hair first in order to remove as much moisture as possible, as this will minimize blow dry time. Keep your dryer on a cool setting and avoid heat.


  • Your hair system, already shampooed and conditioned

  • Tangle teaser brush provided in first fit gift pack 

  • Bath towel

  • Leave-in conditioner

Step 1: Prepare your hair system


Gently brush through the hair with the brush to ensure it is tangle-free.

Step 2: Towel dry the hair

Starting at one the back of your head, pat your hair system with the bath towel moving forward. Do not ruffle or rub your head with the towel like you may have done with you naturally growing hair. 

Step 3: Style the hair

Then, apply leave-in conditioner and any styling products to the hair.

After all of the products are applied, style the hair how you would like.

We recommend allowing the hair to air dry. You may blow dry if needed, but be sure to follow instructions accurately to avoid drying out or damaging the hair.

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