Tips for Oily or Sensitive Skin

For most people, the “average” amount of oil and sweat the scalp produces leads adhesive to begin to break down in two to six weeks. Sweat causes the bond to temporarily loosen, but once your body cools down, the bond re-cures to its initial state.

However, if you sweat excessively, have a very active lifestyle, live in a humid climate, or have an oily scalp, you may experience a less-than-average hold time and need to experiment more to find an attachment protocol that works for your lifestyle.

If you’re system is only lasting a few days, or you’re experiencing a moist, loose attachment on a regular basis, it’s likely you’re producing overabundant sweat or oil. Let us know your experience in your next regroom, and we can advise whether the bond breakdown is due to oily skin or sweat. 

Staying cool



During your regroom, try to keep as cool and dry as possible. If you start to sweat, the bond may never cure completely. Let us know and we will consider turning on a fan sweating as best we can.

Trial and error



Finding the best attachment method is a matter of trial and error for any hair wearer. We will help you with some experimentation with various tapes, liquid adhesives, products, and techniques to find a protocol that works best for you. It can also take a few attachments to really see how any product works for you, so it is important to give it some time.



If you notice the adhesive residue is predominantly milky white when you remove your hair system, what you’re dealing with is sweat.

Let us know if you’re having trouble with sweat, we will use different products to combat the bond breakdown. 

Bonding more often



There’s a possibility that no matter what you try, oily skin or sweat will prevent you from achieving your ideal bond time. In this case, we will just need to remove and reattach your system more frequently. 

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